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Cast: Freddy
Genres: Solo, Hairy, Fur, Masculine, Handsome, Muscle, Beard, Tattoos
Freddy had been thinking about making the leap into porn for a while. After his stint in the military, he figured the time was right to give it a go. And when he got in touch, you can bet I was ready, too.
Typical of a lot of former military guys, he wanted to grow out all his hair- beard and head alike. Thankfully, he kept the razor at bay on the rest of his fuzzy body!
After our first contact, it took a day or two for him to commit. He even admitted that nerves were getting the best of him, even though he was excited about getting naked on camera for the first time. When he showed up and we got to talking, the truth came out about how he was feeling about his porn debut.
"I'm optimistically nervous. Definitely excited," he added. "On the way over I had the good butterflies."
Once he got warmed up to the cameras, Freddy tapped into his inner exhibitionist and had some fun showing off his thick bod and uncut cock. You can almost see the moment when the switch got flicked.
As he worked himself up the finish line, he really got into it. The payoff was a thick load that coated his pubes.
After blowing his wad, Freddy looked into the camera and gave a big thumbs up.
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