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A take-off on the American Idol phenomenon, here is the quite smashing film from the newly-invigorated Jet Set Team Productions. On the heels of their 2003 blockbuster hit The Hole: Hardcore Version, it looks like the Jet Set team finally have their focus goin' on. Like, really goin' on. American Porn Star has been hyped to the hilt throughout the end of the year; we thought it was terrific. Jet Set has done a great marketing job, even going so far as to release the film in four different covers a la Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. Nice.
It all starts out as a porn contest with six contestants, including Jason Adonis, competing to be the American Porn Star. But once the three Porn Star judges - Tag Eriksson, Lorenzo Vargas and Alec Powers - get onto the stage, the rules begin to change. At some point, the stars' lust takes over, and they each get into sex with the competitors. Tag is the first to crack, getting rid of his clothes during the first scene and jumping into the Jason Adonis/Rico Suave duo to make it a hot fucking three-way. Studly straight-trade Vince Taylor does a wicked-hot solo and gets ejected before Lorenzo goes for a syrup-jam-whipped cream and oil fueled duo with Derec Lang. Alec dives into a leather-fetish fuck-fest with Ben Campezi before Tag takes over the last duo, going at it a second time to pound Ken Scott's ass. They do manage to pick a winner - and have a fucking hot time.
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