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Cast: Juliette March, Wolf Hudson, Ruckus
Genres: Gonzo Anal Bisexual Threesomes
Wolf Hudson has really let Juliette March's ex-boyfriend get under his skin. Sure there is some jealousy involved but it's mostly because the guy is just so forward about coming onto him. Just the other night at the club he was literally humping his ass when they were all out on the dance floor. Now Wolf comes home and finds him (Ruckus) hanging out at the pool. But Juliette explains how hot Wolf is and can he really blame Ruckus for wanting to get up into that ass. Being a benevolent sort Wolf agrees to let Ruckus live out his fantasies and hops in the shower to get his cock nice and clean for Juliette and her ex-boyfriend to worship. And wow do they ever as immediately they are both sucking wolf hard and pretty soon Juliette is putting her pussy on whatever cock is ready for her. But the real love comes when Ruckus finally gets to sample that tight glory hole that is Wolf's asshole. Love can be sweet.
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