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Kara Lee is taking a sunbath at her pool, while she listens to music, decides to tan her huge tits. On the other side of the fence, Jmac plays football with his friends and accidentally drop the ball close to Kara, as she cannot hear anything, Jmac decides to climb over the fence to recover the ball when he finds Kara, so sexy, laying down with her tits exposed, he gets shocked, those are really nice tits. Kara realizes of his presence and immediately tries to throw him out or she will call the cops, Jmac tries to explain the situation but he cannot stop staring at her tits. This, touches Kara, now she thinks he is kind of cute and decides to take him inside so he can touch her tits. From there things get really hot, Kara gives Jmac a proper bj, then he pounds her in many different positions to finally deliver his big load over her face.
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