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Enzo joins the stable of sexy French men at KeumGay. And although he’s straight, he is willing to share is sexy, hunky body with us. We couldn’t be happier. Take a look at that soft (yet still big) uncock cock and tell me it doesn’t beg for attention to be made wonderfully hard!
Sylvain Potard, a 35-year-old French MMA ‘Light heavyweight’ champ, was featured prominently in this year’s Dieux Du Stade calendar where he went full frontal showing off his enormous package.
The famed calendar, which also features nude athletes from the French Rugby team, released a preview video this week teasing behind-the-scenes footage of the insanely hot calendar and a glimpse of Potard’s ‘huge talent.’
It turns out Potard’s gay porn past has also resurfaced thanks to all the attention he has been receiving this week.
You’ll see, Sylvain jerked off on camera for Keumgay as “Enzo” a few years ago and he even let another man touch his penis during the masturbation scene!
The French media questioned the size of his manhood on the black and white photo he did for the calendar but he quickly denied any photoshop involment and he put the photographer as his witness and if he wants we can also testify in his defense, his tremendously huge piece of meat has remain unchanged since his past porn days!
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