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Release Year: 2012
Cast: Chastity Lyn, Evita Pozzi
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Michael and his girlfriend, Chastity, were hanging out as she was doing her homework. Michael got bored and decided to go sit out by the pool. Chastitys older girlfriend, Evita, was out there in her bikini. Michael got in the pool and Evita joined him.
She explained to him how her husband was always busy and did not take care of her. She told Michael that she loved younger men and grabbed his cock. She began playing with his cock as she pulled out her giant jugs. She stuck his face in her big tits. She took him back to her bedroom and began sucking his dick.
She sat her pussy on his face as he licked it. Chastity came looking for him and found them in her bedroom. She was mad that her experienced girlfriend did not ask before she could fuck her boyfriend, but she was also very horny and joined in on the fun. They took turns getting their pussies pounded. Chastity got her asshole drilled and got man juice all over her.
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