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Release Year: 2019
Studio: KristenBjorn
Cast: Lex Anders, Santi Sexy
Genres: gay, bareback, blackmen, interracial, interracial, porn, rimming
Santi Sexy has enticed his good buddy, Lex Anders to join him in front of the camera and it is all for our pleasure. As Santi enters the room, he sees that Lex has already gotten himself excited by perusing a hot magazine. Santi walks over and the giant, Greek God stands up and towers over Santi. He leans in, tilts his head up and begins a passionate kissing that Greek God’s are famous for. As Lex works his luscious lips down Santi’s ripped muscular body, he is stopped and Santi drops to his knees and starts eating away at his cock through his KB’s. Santi frees the perfectly sculpted cock as it springs forward and demands attention. This is an area that Santi is an expert at and immediately begins consuming Lex’s magnificent cock. Lex can feel Santi’s hunger and feeds him with a face fucking worthy of any expert. Santi chokes down Lex’s cock with ease and still begs for more. Lex strips Santi of his jeans and bends him over, all while admiring his perfectly muscled, chestnut ass. As Lex devours that hot ass, Santi’s mind is set on much bigger things and begins grinding away, sending Lex a sexual message of desire. Lex stands and dominates over Santi then thrusts his raw, hard cock deep inside of those two mounds of muscle. As Lex pounds away at Santi’s ass he also begins slapping it, which turns Santi on that much more and his cock crowns to exact hardness. The guys switch up positions and this time Santi beats his ass down onto Lex’s throbbing cock as his own cock slaps around with anticipated excitement. Santi rides Lex as long as he can possibly hold out, but his balls have drawn up so tight that they must unleash his hot load of cum. Lex is unrelenting with his fucking and fucks the last drops of cum out of Santi before he too lets his thick, creamy load of cum fly. With Lex’s cock completely coated with cum, Santi lowers his ass back onto the Greek God’s cock.
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Duration: 19:55
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 5856kbps
Audio: 155kbps

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