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I worked in Prague and saw this girl, Ginebra Bellucci, who looked exactly like this famous pop star. I ran to her and told her that the legend about licking donuts was in the city and was shooting a music video, sexual, and that she needed an understudy. I told Ginebra that I could pay her for a quick casting, and complimented her all the time. For some money, she showed me her perky boobs, and I told her that they look just like a double! When she showed me her ass, I asked her how much time had passed since she had sex. To my absolute shock, it was so long that she could not even remember! Since I am a gentleman, I offered to do her a favor and eat her pussy to make her cum. Ginebra agreed, and we left, then I took off her panties and asked her to lean back. I ate her pussy and she came out, so she sucked my dick, then I fucked her deeply until I could pull and cum on her!
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