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Wearing nothing but a cute pair of panties, a tall blonde slave explores her Mistress’ dungeon, stumbling across one of her paintings. The mean domme catches her in the act, scolding her for daring to touch her art, and then ripping those panties from her body to stuff in the slave’s mouth as a gag. The tall, skinny woman is bent over and has her round ass spanked mercilessly by the sexy and busty redhead. Seeing a submissive woman’s ass glowing red is just another form of art to a domme like her, and she takes pride in her less-than-delicate brushstrokes with a riding crop. If you like spanking and cropping, you’ll really love how this mean bitch does not hold back. But she does like to mix things up, so she decides to whip her slave’s smooth, bare back while ordering the other woman to hold a vibrator against her pussy. The blonde writhes from the pain and pleasure, a confusing and sexy mix of sensations that leave her unsure if she wants it to stop or if she should beg for more. But when she brings herself to orgasm while being whipped and degraded by her Mistress, it becomes pretty clear that her masochism wins out. She hasn’t learned her lesson, only how to earn more punishment from her controlling domme.
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