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Leggy blonde Lola Bambola entered my office today looking for some modeling work. Hailing from a neighboring area, Lola worked an office job, lived a regular life, and it was totally boring her! She wanted the fancy clothes, the travel, and the perks afforded to a supermodel. Looking up and down at her natural tits, slender flame, and round booty, I thought she would make a great addition to the porn industry. Lola and her boyfriend watched porn together all the time, so the idea intrigued her. She stripped for my cameras, then I brought her a vibrator to show me what she could do. She claimed to be shy, but from the way she started masturbating, she was very comfortable! Seeing my erection, Lola gave me a blowjob, then I fucked her wet pussy on my desk. She was so tight she made me shoot a cum rope from her toes all the way to her tongue!
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