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Genres: Teen, Strip Games, Truth Or Dare, All Sex, Blowgob, Tickling, Card Games, Topless, Bottomless, Lesbian, Fetish, Ice Race, BattleShips, Challenge
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Amateur newbies Tyler, Dylan, and Kendall are back, along with definitely-not-a-newbie Sassy. They’re here to play Bizz-Buzz, where the girls take turns counting from 1 to infinity, except when the number is a multiple of 3, they have to say “Bizz”, when it’s a multiple of 5, “Buzz”, and when it’s a multiple of 15, they have to say “Bizz-Buzz.” To play this game well, you need a modicum of skill at math, which these girls don’t have. As one of them says, “How many white girls does it take to do math?” Personally, I very much doubt that their ethnicity has anything to do with their math abilitries or lack thereof, and I’d never say that their gender does either, at least not with any girls around. But they said it, not me.Last time these four got together it was to play an extremely daring game of Strip Freeze, where the loser had to masturbate in a very public pool.

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