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Release Year: 2019
Genres: Teen, Strip Games, Truth Or Dare, All Sex, Blowgob, Tickling, Card Games, Topless, Bottomless, Lesbian, Fetish, Ice Race, BattleShips, Challenge
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Bella and Sharron are back to play a brand new game. The naked loser has to put on a show for us by riding a Sybian, while the winner works the controls and drives her nuts. The game is Slappahoe, better known as Slaps or Slap Jack. You can look up the rules on Wikipedia if you want, but essentially, one girl tries to slap the backs of the hands of the other girl, who tries to jerk her hands away before the first girl can slap her. It's fast-paced and tense and it worked pretty well. I think we'll use this game again.

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