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Subtitled Meet a Genie Into Color, this creative and entertaining story stars muscle bound Al Delphus as a genie who satisfies sexual fantasies on his magic bed, live before a studio audience. Narrated and hosted like a game show, members of the audience are chosen to get sucked, get fucked or play top to Al's bottom.
Clad in construction gear, Al appears before a nerdish and shy prep Andrew Pierce. Pierce opens Al's jeans and sucks on his big, uncut cock while he stands on a ladder. A third man (mustached and bearded) joins the man pounds the hell out of Al's asshole after getting his meat chewed. Another contestant, in biker's clothing, performs an excellent and wet blowjob on Al. He licks the other's muscled ass whiles getting sucked from below before both men jack off and shoot big loads.
Josef Log plugs another contestant on the bed(Gene LaMar) and Al later joins them, filling Gene's mouth with his big cock. As these two magically disappear, Al is shown sucking ass with yet another man. Faces get straddled and balls are chomped. Al ends the video with a segment in which he is dressed in leather. Al humps the man's hole (while wearing his belt) and long-dicks him silly. Superior photography captures the genie riding him hard, plopping out on occasion to reveal a wet, stretched asshole on the bottom dude.
Special effects, humor, a dirty-talking audience and incredible close-ups of rimming, sucking and fucking are highlights. The lighting is good, the sound is excellent and the photography is crisp. The story lacks some of Black Forest's usual political and social commentary and ends up being a bit of one long joke throughout the flick, but is entertaining none the less.
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