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Release Year: 2019
Studio: WorshipTheWolfe
Genres: Cuckold, Oral, Hardcore, femdom
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Tangent and Janira, dressed in their hot latex, dicks strapped-on, have their little whore dressed in a slutty outfit and makeup with her hands bound up to her neck, making it easy for the women to throw her around however they want. The women humiliate their former peer as they threaten to test out her holes. They start with the mouth and add insult to injury as they see just how well the slut can take cock down her throat. Clearly this "bro" was meant to be on this side of the alumni weekend spit-roast. Then it's time to test out the other hole on this whore. Tangent and Janira take turns fucking their freshman slut's mouth and pussy, taking pleasure in delivering the former frat bro's punishment, until they're satisfied that the fraternity's spit-roast tradition will be put to an end. And the bitch takes all of the pain and humiliation given, because, of course, she wouldn't want her frat finding out about any of this...
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