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Cast: Mattias Solich
Genres: solo, jerk off, masturbation, muscle, fingering
We find Mattias rubbing his hairy, sculpted chest and rock hard abs with his hard cock protruding from inside his underwear. He spreads out on the sofa giving a wide view of his ass, and then he starts fingering his hole and stroking his cock. The masseur walks in, finding Mattias with his ass in the air walks over, squeezes some oil onto Mattias' back, ass and hole and then he sensually begins to work Mattias’ love muscles. As the oil is being massaged onto him, you can tell Mattias loves it as his cock gets more erect. Then in goes the finger into Mattias' hungry man hole. Our masseur flips Mattias over, adds some more oil and we watch as Mattias swallows his hungry fingers up his ass while he shoots a hot load of cum all over his hot chest.
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