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Now it's time to get to know lisa marie heart, a 60-year-old stunner from phoenix, arizona whose life is, basically, all about sex. yeah she has and . yeah, she does other things for fun. but sex is at the center of her life, and in this revealing interview, she tells us all about it. she's been a stripper and a lapdancer. she's an escort who's so good at giving blow jobs, she's given her girlfriends lessons on how to suck cock. always keep your hands moving, she recommends. make a lot of eye contact. make it more personal. feel their body cues. she spends a good portion of this interview with her tits out. they're 34dds. nice and plump. guys always go for my tits, she said. and then she goes for their cocks and balls. and then they fuck her pussy. such is the life of lisa marie heart. when i was dancing, i wanted to change my name to the cuminator, but my manager wouldn't let me, she said. meet the cuminator.
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