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Release Year: 2016
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Then makes him kiss her feet and lick her asshole in front of all the other employees. She sits on his face and tells him... Only then are they bored up, the fatest cocks have to blow up and then their moist cracks. For Me it's very important to feel that My slaves worship Me, everything about Me, including what comes out of My body. Today I'm going to take another step in training My slave towards becoming My full time toilet: I have just used this toilet, and the bowl still contains My 'caviar', fresh and smelly. I want to train this slave to ingest everything that comes out of Me, including My champagne (which he is already trained to juice) and My caviar, without wasting even a drop, so ultimately I will condition him to like My caviar by only allowing him to have a release after eating it. But for now, for the first step in this training, I will milk him while he has his head in the toilet, sniffing My divine chocolate. I will give him 2 orgasms, and I will not even ruin them, to create a strong association between the smell of My caviar and pleasure in his brain, conditioning him to crave it just as his body craves a release. Today it's the smell, tomorrow it will be the taste, and soon I will have a personal toilet that will consume all My waste every time I will meet him for city breaks and truly worship Me.
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