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Whenever there’s a contest or a debate over where to find the world's sexiest men, Italy always ends up at the top of the list. There are some very good reasons why Italian men are known throughout the world for their irresistibility and sexiness. First of all, let’s be honest… Italian men are beautiful to behold, whether it’s in Florence, Milan, Naples or Rome. It doesn’t matter where you go in Italy. Anywhere you go, you will spot a hot Italian man on his Vespa or just walking down the street. For proof, you need take only one look at this MuscleHunk named Gianluigi Volti, who is also one of our Italian performers in residence, here on. Gianluigi has been gifted with the gorgeous face and the ripped muscle-bound body of an ancient Roman gladiator. And like his fellow countrymen, Gianluigi is confident, charming and persuasive. Experts of seduction, flirtation, and charm, Italian men won't stop until they have what they want. You know you want it, too. Fortunately for you, Gianluigi’s waiting to perform for you and make you his own, now, at LiveMuscleShow or MuscleHunks.
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