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Release Year: 2019
Genres: kicking, punching, squeezing, pvc & fetish, slapping, dresses and skirts, restraint / bondage, barefoot, boots, nikki, dungeon
Video language: English
Nadman has taken Nikki's friend hostage and is keeping her in his secret lair. Sexy Nikki has taken Nadman himself hostage in return and is going to interrogate him until he gives her the location of his secret lair. Nikki soon proves that Nadman's "super testicles" give him no super powers whatsoever, and she soon points out that actually his balls make him very weak indeed and will be the perfect interrogation tools to help Nikki find out all the information she wants to know! Nikki kicks, punches, slaps, squashes, knees and crushes her chained captive's balls until he is yelping with agony and has to tell Nikki everything she wants to know. As all men should know - balls are a weakness and definitely NOT a super power!
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