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Natasha has a lover, a husband, and a boy, Robby. Robby knows she's messing around with her boss, Evan, and he thinks it's really fucked up. His man is a saint, he works so hard so Natasha can be a stay at home mom, so she can afford her retail addiction, her personal training sessions to keep her curvy body flawless, and THIS is how she repays him? He pulls out his phone and starts to take her coo-ing sexy things to Evan. Robby seethes as he listens and tapes, she's going to end her relationship with either man or Evan, but he didn't know that the two were scheming to steal inheritance money away from Evan's wife. He listens in shock as he hears how she plans to leave his man, Evan will leave his wife, and the two will live rich and carefree just as soon as the check clears.
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