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Pain horny pleasure needles syringes nacl saline. From time to time my slave needs a painful horny treatment. Just like a injection and needle cure for him, for his scrotum and his nipples. What could be better than some nice saline nacl injections and some needles in combination with some painhorny clamps. The scrotum itself is not very sensitive to pain, so some needles there are only good for some warmup. Smile. Some nice syringe injections NACL with bigger needles are really good there and I love to give them. With his cock girdle he enjoys the treatment. I prepared his nipples with some sucking glasses, so after a while they are really big and hard, perfect for some injections there. There they are much more painful, but he needs this horny pain from time to time. Finally I used again the little clamps and some bigger needles through the hard nipples whick makes him come after just a minute. Just an cathartic orgasm he needs so much. Have fun and enjoy.
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