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Cast: Nick Gill, Marco Will
Genres: Uniforms, Czech, Twinks, Bareback, Anal, Oral
Sometimes, having been caught red-handed with incriminating evidence, there’s little option but to take your punishment like a man – or, as in the case of young Marco Will here, like a total cock-crazed whore! After all, officer Nick Gill’s clearly not in the mood to take any messing from the errant tearaway when he confronts the lad with a spent paint can; and before you know it has grabbed the scoundrel’s crotch and asked Will down onto his knees. It’s the perfect position from which to engage in some hardcore cock-sucking, whilst Gill roughs him up by slapping him around the head.
You’d be forgiven for thinking that Will might not be enjoying this little private game, but you’d be wrong. By the time Gill pulls the fellow’s pants down, Will’s meaty uncut cock is so swollen and engorged that it bounces up into the air as if screaming for attention – which Gill is only too willing to give! Not that the fellow in uniform is going to be distracted for long from taking Will’s tight little ass for a spin – an achievement undertaken with indisputable gusto, and one that results in Will’s pucker being splattered with a thick stream of hot, creamy, pent-up sperm! Beautiful!
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