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Maia's Denial - Maia is a fascinating young woman. Tall, lithe and more demure than the typical woman her age (22), she showed up for this shoot after a period of self-imposed denial that she claimed was 3 days long. This, apparently, is 2 days longer than she has ever gone without orgasm in her life. Accomplished porn star Austin Lynn was beside herself when she heard this and couldn't wait to turn her Hitachi loose on her.
Maia's Favorite Toy - Austin is about to take the luscious Maia on another journey to the heights of frustration and denial, this time using Maia's favorite vibrator. It will be extremely challenging for her to avoid coming since the hitachi vibrator is her masturbation aid of choice. Austin knows this and wields it with a deft touch to keep Maia wet, slippery and chaste.
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