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Cast: Boomer Banks, Bruno Bernal
Genres: blowjob, rimming, muscle, condom
Bruno Bernal enters the shop to find Boomer Banks hard at work underneath a pickup. Bruno helpfully passes a tool to Boomer, but Bruno's hand drifts down to explore the massive tool in Boomer's pants. Boomer's monster meat is an irresistible temptation for Bruno, who eagerly bends down to conduct his oral inspection. The jockstrap framing Bruno's ass catches Boomer's eye, and his fingers move to penetrate Bruno's tight hole. Rising to his feet, Boomer feeds his hose to Bruno's eager mouth. Bruno works his tongue under Boomer's foreskin and slobbers all up and down the shaft. They shift into high gear as Boomer uses his tongue to service Bruno's hole. Eager to get filled up with Boomer's fuel injection, Bruno lowers himself down on Boomer's throbbing shaft. Bruno's hole stretches and flexes around Boomer's greasy dipstick. Alternating to doggy style, Boomer's turbocharged piston brings Bruno to the finish line: Bruno's load bursts forth with Boomer still buried in his ass. Boomer pulls out and greases his axel until he shoots his thick spunk in Bruno's beard.

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