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Cast: Colton Casey and Drake Tyler
Genres: blowjob,rimming,muscle,condom
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As Drake Tyler goes about his normal metered checklist, he spies resident Colton Casey pants off through the window, stroking his cock into an upright position. The thought of Colton's hard cock in Drake's mouth makes him forget all about his duties to the power company, and instead fills his head with thoughts of a different kind of jolt. Colton senses the electricity between them and before he knows it, Drake is lying on the bed as Colton downs his cock, before turning him over and plunging his power rod deep inside Drake's waiting ass. Colton pounds Drake from behind, grabbing his hands behind his back, rendering the Power Guy powerless, before flipping him over and continuing his surge. Drake strokes his dick as Colton pulls him closer, kissing him hard before flipping Drake over one last time. Drake rides Colton to climax, jumping off just as Colton spews his load, causing Drake to get so turned on he unleashes a load with enough energy to almost hit the ceiling. Turns out he does bring the power afterall.
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