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Studio: Raging Stallion
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Madrid: an urban metropolis humming with activity. Viktor Rom loiters on the sidewalk, cruising the passers-by, when he sees Ramwey Reis approaching. Without breaking his stride, Ramwey turns his head ever so slightly to the right. Boom: eye contact. After a few more steps, Ramwey gives a look back over his shoulder. There's Viktor, following a few paces behind. Ducking into a doorway, Ramwey spins around and shoves his tongue down Viktor's throat. They retreat to a private rooftop with a sweeping view of the Madrid skyline. Ramwey slobbers on Viktor's fat cock and strokes his own massive meat. Viktor has a taste for ass, so Ramwey bends over to give him access. Stretching Ramwey's hole wide, Viktor slathers it with saliva, tongues the entry, and sucks hard. Ramwey moans, eager to get fucked, so Viktor lubes up his cock and pounds Ramwey's ass with deep, powerful thrusts. Ramwey spreads his cheeks, taking Viktor's massive dick to the max. They move from their standing fuck to the deck chair, where Ramwey gets drilled even harder. Stroking his cock, Ramwey blasts a gigantic load. Pulling out, Viktor adds his even bigger load to the sticky mess that drips down Ramwey's washboard abs.
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