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Cast: Adrian Suarez, Chandler Scott, Nate Long, Scott Demarco, Sean Duran
Sitting in bed, Scott DeMarco is asking to be taught phrases in Spanish such as “Cock” “Suck My Dick” “I Want Your Cum” etc. Adrian Suarez is amused and obliges him before they both start making out and groping each other. Aspen is lying face down in his underwear on the massage table when Nate walks into the room and introduces himself. He works his way to his glutes but he tells Aspen he can do a better job if he removes his underwear. Sean Duran whips out his hard cock to get Adrian Suarez to notice but it doesn’t work and he begins to get pissed. Finally, he gets Adrian’s attention and he pushes him down on his hard cock and makes him suck every inch of it. Adrian Suarez wants his partner Chandler Scott to start topping him too because he also likes to be the bottom sometimes. They move into a 69 before Chandler lubes up Adrian’s cock and begins riding him.
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