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Thanks to the prayers and good vibes from many of you Hunters, I pursued my goal to get gorgeous Beefcake Prince from New Jersey and his delicious 9” cock back at the BeefCakeHunter Arena!
This is the first 9″ cock I have taking in front of the cameras for the site lol. I was very excited about it, and willing to try anything to convince him do to so. I got to say though, it wasn’t an easy task; before, during, or after the shooting lol, but it was totally worth it! It reaffirmed my theory, that sometimes bigger cocks are less painful than smaller ones, at least for me.
To start, it wasn’t easy persuading Prince to fuck a man-pussy, as I found out he has never even fucked a real pussy before! After he agreed to do it, he was still pretty nervous about it, and kept reminding me that he had never fucked anybody in the ass. Maybe, he was trying to discourage me, and to just do the oral scene (hahaha) he doesn’t know me! Of course, I wanted to enjoy his big cock in my mouth, and I gave him a long blow job that could go for hours, but I couldn’t risk to make him cum before the “main dish”.
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