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Studio: RagingStallion
Cast: Aarin Asker, Hoytt Walker
Genres: anal, gay, oral, porn, sex
Hoytt Walker is pissing in a trough and as he shakes off his dick, Aarin Asker walks up in his jockstrap. The muscle studs lock gazes and run their eyes up and down each other's ripped, hairy bodies. Hoytt gets hard in his own hand watching Aarin rub his muscles and cup his cock and balls. The guys join together and kiss hard before Aarin gets on his knees to service Hoytt's massive meat. He takes it all the way down his throat as Hoytt's big, full, low hanging balls slap against Aarin's beard and chin. Aarin bends over and opens his hairy crack for Hoytt to work with his tongue. Hoytt's thick, bushy beard feels great rubbing in Aarin's ass and Aarin moans out as Hoytt does his thing. When Aarin is sticky wet, the bearded muscle hunk bends him over a barrel and slips his big hard cock balls deep inside Aarin's tight hairy hole. Both sets of balls from the horny studs swing and slap against each other as Hoytt goes deeper and faster with his pounding. Aarin gets on his back and begs for Hoytt to go further inside his stretched out hole. The horny stud obliges and reams his asshole until Aarin drains his balls all over his own hairy stomach. Hoytt follows immediately and sprays Aarin's thick black pubes with squirt after squirt of gooey, hot juice. The spent hunks kiss again while Aarin plays with Hoytt's long, full beard.
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