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Release Year: 2018
Megapack of all Sakura games by Winged Cloud. I also extracted all CGs into a separate zip file if you just want to look at some big anime titties.
All games have the nude patch applied if it exists, but some of them are teasing only, so don't bother searching if you don't see any.
Sakura Angels, Sakura Fantasy, Sakura Nova, and Sakura Swim Club contain Japanese voice acting for maximum anime, even though Winged Cloud is a Western studio.
Most of the games contain the RenPy libraries for you to play them on Linux and/or Mac, but I only tested on Windows, so IDK, ask someone else if you need help with that.
The games are all fairly short lighthearted visual novels with limited interaction, where you follow the horny male or female protoganist on their quest for romance/anime boobs. The one exception is Sakura Dungeon, which has light RPG and combat elements.
Sexual content includes: cowgirl, missionary, doggy style, blowjob, anal, titfuck, sideways, lesbian cunnilingus, 69, tribbing, masturbation, public nudity/sex, toys, threesome, posing, kissing, cat girl, monster girl, angel, , bondage, yuri, and harem.
Unzip the archive to a folder
Run the .exe on Windows or the .app on Mac.

Total size: 5.1 GB in 23 files.

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