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Release Year: 2018
Genres: Gonzo, Public Sex, Hardcore
Laura (Jaye Summers) sits alone on a set of stairs and watches quietly as a party carries on. It's late into the night at this point, and what was presumably started as a crowded, high energy event has started to wind down as most of the partygoers have left by now, the basement littered with red cups, beverage bottles, bowls of chips, and a general state of messiness left behind. The 10 or so teens who remain are chilling around the room as party music plays softly in the background, most talking in twos or small groups with Laura being the odd one out. One of the guys bounds down the stairs excitedly holding a red cup filled with liquid in each hand, brushing into Laura as he passes and almost spilling the beverages on her, and she makes an uncomfortable face as he passes her unapologetically.
Laura continues to sit in silence for a little while, and it becomes clear that she's not just watching the party, but staring at one guy in particular - Vince (Zac Wild) - as he laughs and jokes along with a pretty girl across the room. She looks on with a bit of envy, clearly wishing she could take the place of the girl he's talking to.
Just then, her fixation on him is broken when Janet, the party host and Laura's best friend, gets everybody's attention by flashing her tits. She laughs and says good, now that she's got everybody's attention, it's time to bring some life back into this party - who's up for a game of Seven Minutes In Heaven? Everyone groans and mocks her for such a dumb suggestion. She explains that they're all 18 here so this isn't going to be some lame-ass PG-13 kiss on the lips shit - anything goes as long as both people consent to it. She holds up a fistful of ripped paper scraps and waves them in the air - she's written down everybody's name on the paper - yeah, EVERYBODY she says as a couple of the teens chuckle nervously - and she's going to pull out one guy's name and one girl's name. And they know the rest!
Janet quickly divides the scraps of paper into two hats, and then pulls two strips of paper out of the hat. She announces the two names, Felicia and Brad - Felicia being the girl that Vince was talking to earlier - and the two of them look at each other with nervous smiles and shrugs. Janet tells them the clock is ticking as she starts a stopwatch app on her cell phone and then urges Brad and Felicia upstairs and starting the countdown. 'Have fun, you two lovebirds!' Janet mocks before heading back to the others who have settled back into party mode.
Janet looks around the room and sees Laura sitting by herself, and comes and sits next to her on the stairs. How is she liking the party so far? It's fine, Laura replies. Liar, Janet says. She knows Laura's been moping around staring at Vince all night and hasn't said a word to him. Laura blushes, is it that obvious? Janet says absolutely, she's just lucky that everyone their age is so self-centered that nobody has noticed. Laura ducks her head in her arms and moans, why can't she just talk to him? Janet tells Laura that it's easy, she just has to get up and say hi to him. Men like women that are forward.
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