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Poor Felix is locked in a low, wooden cage, having to lay down in wait until his Mistress returns home. When she does, his view is mostly of her sexy, high-heeled boots, and she teases him mercilessly by pacing back and forth in them, the sound of them clicking against the floor enough to make him horny as fuck. When she lets him out of his cage, we also get a better view of the dark-haired dominatrix, her thigh boots and sexy stockings drawing attention to her very long legs. And yes, his job is to polish those tall boots with his tongue and suck on her heels. His reward, of course, is punishment, the true reward for any masochist. She admires his ass in his latex shorts, paddling the man’s butt and enjoying the loud smacking sounds that echo across her dungeon. The real surprise is when she invites her friend into the room, a redhead domme in a tight corset that barely holds back her tits. Both women take turns paddling the slave, even making a game out of it. It’s safe to say that Felix is in for a long night as these two competitive, dominant women see who can make the best use out of their willing slave.
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