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Mistress Kendra's male slave has failed as a man in life and in sexual slavery. He is no longer of any use to her as a man but she has better plans in store for the bitch. Instead of throwing him to the wolves she decides he would be much better suited as a sissy slut for her business ventures. His cock is worthless and will now be permanently caged shut so the only sex life her sissy will be having is with his holes. Mistress Kendra orders him to strip the last of his manhood away as she begins transforming him from boy to sissy whore. Big, extra thick and gigantic anal balls will do just the trick to start stretching out the sissy's holes so dicks can just slip right in. Kendra's sissies must be stretched, hollowed out and constantly filled if they are going to impress her big stud cocks she has lined up.
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