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Eddie woke up to the golden glow of the sun. His eyes squinted from the light. He’d gotten used to the sun’s rays raising him from his back alley sleeps, but this morning, he felt the warm, soft, comforting feeling of pillows and blankets and sheets.
He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have met Alex. The handsome man was nothing but a stranger less than 12 hours before. But after a night of serendipity and luck, he’d shared his most intimate secrets with him. As Eddie opened his eyes, he saw Alex standing at the foot of the bed, buttoning up his shirt and getting ready for his day.
“Morning,” Alex said softly, smiling as he saw Eddie’s face scrunch up as his eyes cracked to take in the first view of the day. “How’d you sleep?”
“Great,” Eddie replied. “Though I had a weird dream that a handsome stranger fucked me all night long.”
Alex buckled the belt of his pants, the last of his dressing routine. He smiled and crawled playfully back into bed, bringing his face close to Eddie’s. “Sounds like a pretty good dream. You’ll have to tell me if you see him again.” The two laughed, running their hands over each other affectionately before Alex planted a soft, sweet kiss on Eddie’s lips. Alex then got off the bed and grabbed his bag, clearly getting ready to head out to work.
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