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Release Year: 2019
Genres: kicking, kneeing, punching, squeezing, topless, slapping, dresses and skirts, lingerie, heels, trainers/flat shoes, domestic, nikki, stockings
Video language: English
Rupert has wanted to have his wicked way with Nikki for a very long time, so she offers him a challenge - they will toss a coin... Heads means he gets to shag her and tails means he gets kicked in the nuts instead. Poor old Rupert's luck isn't up to much and he soon finds himself on the receiving end of a long, hard ballbusting. Nikki looks really sexy in her retro 50s style dress, her petticoats swishing as she busts Rupert's balls mercilessly. As always from Nikki and Rupert this video is packed with hard, painful and horny ballbusting action from start to finish
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