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The American City here is, of course, New York City, and opens with a shot of the Statute of Liberty and a new plea: "Give me your wired, your cute, your huddled asses." etc. The first pairing is between a cute punk rocker and a young bearded hippie, both cute, with black hair and totally hairy crotches. The boys have passionate sex, with Johnny Biddulph shoving his big, thick cock into Charlie Moore in various hot positions. Good closeup photography gives us fabulous views of the action.Later, Mat Newmark and Alan Jones need a place to trick. They have sex on the same bed used in the first scene but are interrupted by aggressive Latino neighbor, Scarface, who vows to teach these two whores a les. They hungrily suck the hombres fat pinga and he viciously fucks both sluts into submission. Tourist Caleb Andrews (from RADs "The American Way 3") cruises Adam Barrera in a Times Square public john. They take the sub to East Harlem. There, Caleb tops Adam in a romantic, youthful encounter as the snow falls outside their apartment.In the next scene, "SpeakerPhone," Randy Knight performs a solo strip, jerkoff and dildo routine for a man on the phone. Caleb is periodically shown hiding, eavesdropping during the proceedings. When Randy leaves, Caleb decides to get his freak on with Randys cum left on the desk. Hes interrupted by two good-looking Latin hunks (Alejandro and Viper) who immediately decide to fuck this "dirty boys" blond ass. They treat Andrews like hes their pussy whore, taunting him with verbal obscenities like "you ready for us to stretch your ass?" The fucking Caleb gets is major from the two macho horse-dicked stallions, who refer to Caleb as a "bitch" throughout this anal assault. Calebs ass seems so loose afterwards you could toss an apple in without touching the sides.The American City screams "sequel." The story could have used more coherence, but the direction and photography are excellent. Director Kevin Clarkes Iop Productions, with its fresh, not so pure twinks and Latino Fan Club, famous for its street-wise, hairy-crotched, horse-dicked Puerto Rican studs prove a compelling collaboration. Theres good use of NYC as backdrop, and its refreshing to see young models, other than the Latins, with their bushy pubes in tact. Dont miss this one.
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