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They hit the bed and Johnny B wastes no time in pulling out Alex James' big fat cock. Johnny's eyes light up as he wraps his wet eager mouth around that fat hard cock. He takes every inch down his throat as his lips grasp around the thickness and his hands stroke Alex's throbbing cock. Alex is ready to fuck and he kicks back on the bed as Johnny slowly sits down on his hard cock. His dick slowly becomes engulfed by Johnny's tight ass and soon enough Johnny sliding up and down that big dick. You can't ride cock for to long or your legs will give out so Alex bends that ass over and spreads Johnny's legs wide and pushes his thick cock into him once again and begins pounding that ass as his balls slap up against him. Alex flips him onto his back where he fucks him deep with arched thrusts hitting that perfect spot as Johnny continues to stroke his own hard dick and soon enough Johnny is moaning with pleasure as he cums all over the place with load after load. Alex pulls his raw dick out and shoots his load all over the happy smiling Johnny who has gobs of warm cum all over his chest.
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