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Straight, Northern N' Broke Extra Taxed Edition. As we all know: Lads being boys theyll do gorgeous much everything to acquire their weenies sucked. Wont they? Getting their str8 arses drilled is a bit greater amount difficult, then anew it is surprising how easily a large corpulent schlong slips up their fuck holes when a not many tenners are waved in front of their noses! Its a hard life up North and specie is hard to cum by those days. What with the bedroom tax and the fuckin benefit cuts and sky high rents there is hardly sufficiently left over at the end of the week for ten fags at no time mind a bag of tinnies or for fuck sake even a night owt ont city. So spending a scarcely any hours with your boxers round your ankles getting rodgered by your boy-friends is an effortless way to earn a bob or 2, specially if u acquire a worthwhile blow job into the bargain and semen all over your boy-friends face!! And when the bloke from the council comes round after his unpaid rent it all fuckin kicks off as Danny and his scally boyfrends drag him inside their flat and shag him senseless. Triga gives a entire fresh meaning to rent arrears. Fuckin mint boy-friend!
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