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Two stunning dommes find themselves in control of a guy, and they’re determined to see which of them can dominate him the hardest. One of them is wearing a strap-on, which she uses to fuck his face so that the toy is glistening wet with his spit. The other Mistress wields an even larger dildo, smacking his ass with it when she’s not busy seeing how much of the length she can fit inside his tight hole. Both women clearly enjoy double-teaming the slave, hoping that by the time they’re done with him, he won’t be able to have a real orgasm without a woman stuffing him with dick. When the blonde is again pounding every inch of her dildo in and out of his ass, her friend alternates between stroking the guy’s dick and cruelly smacking his balls. The constant attention has him close to orgasm really quick, his sore dick throbbing with need. After some consideration, the two ladies decide he might just deserve to cum. Of course, it has to be humiliating, so the dark-haired vixen pumps the man’s dick while aiming it directly at his own face, ensuring that when he shoots his load he’ll give himself a nice slutty cum facial.
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