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This is a photography and the models we choose to work with are very athletic and sport has been a large part of their background. Very few of the lads have modelled before and so you won’t be able to see them any where else. The photo sets are based around the model's main sport; some in their kit and mostly out of it. My aim was to show off men at about their physical peak, linking their athletic body to the sport that shaped it. The typical shoot shows the model in their sports kit, in underwear and subtle nude shots. I wanted to focus on the models body with subtle eroticism, it’s mostly shot in the studio and I use lighting to exaggerates body definition and many of the models were happy to get slightly aroused to show it off at its prime. There are just a couple of models that are not nude.
My background in photography took a turn in 2012 when I took the plunge and started earning my living selling my photographs, originally nothing to do with photographing people! I started photographing a few friends who had asked me to do a few portfolio style shots and a few months later I arranged a studio shoot with a model and the result can be seen in Matt’s photos.

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