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This week, we welcome two longtime friends that grew up chasing after girls and getting sotted. Even though they've spent many sotted nights together, they only had one sexual encounter with each other and that was just jacking off in a room together while watching porn!
Virgil is this week's straight guy and he's just a laid back dude that likes to have fun. He's 25, with blond hair and blue eyes, and he's packing a thick 7 inch cock!
Wade is our bait guy and he's a real firecracker! He has red hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and a nice cock as well that is surrounded by his bright red pubes! Wade is always horny and hates jacking off alone so he's down to hook up with a guy as long as he gets off!
Caruso skips the story about the female talent and let's both guys know right away that he can double their money if they have sex with each other! Virgil hesitated but Wade convinced him to give it a shot. Virgil eventually agreed but only to jacking off. He was afraid that full on penetration could change their friendship status...
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