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Your parents make you start going to church since you have been causing trouble lately. Your hormones are out of control, you would do anything to get laid. All your friends have been talking about it, its all you can think about. While at church you notice how beautiful the priests is. She is young, innocent and perfect. You wait until church is over and follow her into a separate room alone. This is the only opportunity you will get to have her alone. You tell her to let you grab her boobies or her will hear about how she has been offering herself to you. You are older, who will he believe? She doesn't want any problems so she pulls up her dress and lets you grope her. Knowing you just got away with groping, you take it a step further and tell her to show her pussy. She says no. Your dick is rock solid, you cant take it anymore, you tell her to suck it or the whole church will know shes a whore.
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