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Release Year: 2015
Cast: Julia Roca, Leila Smith
Genres: Art, Brunette, Clips, HD, Lesbians, Redhead, Teens
Julia masturbates in the bathroom, as she listens to Talia and Leila having sex. When she emerges, the game continues, and she asks Talia about the first time she had sex. Talia’s charming confession is followed by one from Leila; but Julia refuses to answer her question, and gets a very daring dare instead! The girls handcuff her wrists and spread her legs with ankle cuffs and a spreader bar. Leila begins to kiss her as Talia caresses her from behind, getting her uncontrollably aroused. As soon as Talia frees her legs, Leila leads her to the bedroom, pushing her up against the wall and kissing her with growing intensity. She peels down Julia’s panties, licking and fingering her pussy; when she uncuffs Julia’s wrists, the Spanish sexbomb immediately grabs her and pushes her onto the bed, going down to eat her skilfully. Now Leila fingers and licks Julia until she is gasping and quivering with ecstasy, then sits astride her and rides her fingers to a tremendous orgasm of her own.
Format: mp4
Duration: 29:40
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 7783kbps
Audio: 83kbps

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