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Studio: Studio 2000 Int
What Friends Are For is Studio 2000 Internationals newest ball-draining delight from director Roland Dane. This superstar sex-performer is fast becoming one of the best directors at work today. He has a keen eye for casting the best Euro eye candy in the biz and clearly knows how to get the most spectacularly sizzling sessions from them. What Friends Are For is packed with fab faces, powerful physiques, protruding pricks and butts begging to be banged. What Friends Are For is also a foreskin lovers wet dream as each and every member proudly sports uncut meat.
The cast is cum-prised of one winner after another. Giovanni Floretto with his super-thick, skin-covered slurpy, ever-dependable dervish George Vidanov, and buzz-cut cutie Daniel Halasz are perfection. Glam boys Jose Ganetti and Robert Kern, sexy, sleek James Jordan, big-boy bottom Janos Kovacs, buff, butt-babe Gabor Szeles and especially tattooed, blond Johnny Huzosh complete the picture of passion.
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