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Release Year: 2018
Cast: Chloe, Natalya
Genres: Femdom, Humiliation, Foot Worship, Brat Girls, Shoe Kissing, High Heels
Video language: English
Danni is chilling on the couch at home, in his underwear, playing video games. His friend, Natalya, and her friend, Chloe, walk into the living room and find him on the couch being lazy and gross. Natalya yells at Danni for sitting around in his underwear while her friend is over. She tells him to get off the couch and go put pants on while she has company. Danni refuses to leave. Natalya and Chloe again tell Danni to leave, they want to watch a movie in the living room. Danni calls his friend a bitch. Natalya threatens to call mom and tell her that Danni called her a bad-word. Danni pleads with Natalya not to tell their woman. He knows she will side with his friend and he will be in big trouble. Sensing his vulnerability, Natalya makes Danni kiss her shoes and beg her not to call mom. She takes a video of her boy kissing her shoes. Natalya threatens to show the video to everyone at school. Now Danni is really a slave to his friend and her beautiful friend. He cannot give them a reason to post the humiliating video to social media! Knowing he’s desperate, they make Danni kiss Chloe’s shoes. Danni is very humiliated to kiss Chloe’s shoes, because he has a huge crush on her. He doesn’t want Chloe to think he’s weak. But he is weak. The girls decide that an even better blackmail picture would be one of Danni kissing Chloe’s butt. Natalya and Chloe make Danni get on his knees and kiss Chloe’s butt. Danni get’s so excited and nervous kissing any part of his Chloe, he has an accident in his pants. The girls notice right away that Danni is acting weirder than usual, and quickly discover that he came in his pants while kissing Chloe’s butt. Danni tries desperately to hide the wet spot. The girls pick on and tease Danni mercilessly for his accident. Natalya gets it all on camera. Now Danni is really the bitch. The girls make Danni get them goodies. They take off their shoes and make Danni worship their feet, after he comes back from getting them goodies. The girls enjoy their cold beverages while sitting on the couch. They put on the movie they want to watch, while Danni is relegated to the floor, worshipping their feet. Even after his best efforts to keep his friend happy, Natalya still sends a text to their mom, tattling on him. Danni will be in even bigger trouble when his woman gets home. And for extra punishment, Natalya tells her boy that from now on, whenever she needs to fart, she’s going to hold him down and do it in his face.
Format: mp4
Duration: 9:36
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 10042kbps
Audio: 148kbps

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