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Release Year: 2017
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Zombieschocker is a German office worker who does everything by the book. Punctual, hardworking, and very ambitious. When his boss Michael asks him to take dictation, he sits opposite with nothing more in the head than climbing the ladder of success. Michael however has lust on his mind. He gets his cock out of his pants and starts jerking off. Zombieschocker tries to ignore this until the lust takes him as well. He goes to him and licks with his tongue over the pink gland, bringing his boss to an uncontrollable moan. Wolf's bearded face makes Michael sharp so that it hits harder and harder into the mouth of his subordinates. Out of gratitude, the tables will be turned and the boss becomes the servant. Zombieschocker's balls clap violently against Michael's face as he shows his boss. The sweat runs as the two lick each other wet ass up. Now Michael wants to be fucked in the middle of the Office, between and on the desks of employees. Zombieschocker runs up to the ladder of success as he fucks his hairy ass of his boss!
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