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A dirty, rotten dump in Berlin. Men have sex with men. Next to overloaded piss urinals hairy hunks pump each other with dicks and fists. Once a stall is occupied, the next best bloke gets a load of piss in his face.
This comfort station has a secret: A mean lavatory assistant guards this dungeon. A trap door is the entrance to a basement maze. There is no escape from the dark fucking alleys, only you survive a big load by pumping hard dicks. Lupus also experiences in this vault full of dripping sperm one ass workout after the other to the final climax his big hole really enjoys. Follow us onto the dark alleys into the hot Berlin underground...
1. Lupus Og
Wherever you look - dicks! Porn star Lupus ist trapped in a gay dickbox! What an anonymous sucking and fucking adventure.
2. Lupus, Steffan & Jason Keller
Lupus needs to piss again. No sooner than he arrives at the pissy smelling cottage, he gets fisted between the stand-ups by horny Steffan. After that from the hairy cottage hangout Jason Keller, who catapults into his notorious dungeon arse and the fucking fun begins.
3. Lupus, Chris Bee, Cliff Inch, Florian Manns & Rod Painter
Lupus looses himself the secret Ficklabyrinth Berlin. Men are only available here in this 'Dark Room Deluxe' for use as fuck scum... The large choice of ramrods lets Lupus take every cock he can get, preferably deepthroat.
4. Giovanni, Phoenix Fox, Jason Keller & Red Hog
This filthy public toilet in Berlin's underworld is the place where everybody is filled with thick, throbbing dick.
5. Leo Yankho, Ardago & Rodrigo Mendez
Yankho the pornstar discovered Leo and Ardago in the sperm smelling dungeon. Both are horny as hell and need Yankhos magnificent cock in their man cunts. Yankho doesn't need to be asked twice and bangs the duo till they are sore. Ouch!
6. Lupus, Florian Manns & Lars Freimann
The magnificent porno spunk spewer Lupus desperately needs a hole to fuck. Deep in the bizarre maze of Berlin's sperm covered dungeon he finds Florian and Lars. Two willing holes, getting rammed to hilt. So he just joins in the fun!
7. Lupus & Jason Keller
Hairy, horny-assed toilet attendant Jason Keller gets his "tip" in the form of sperm! Porn star and specialist stud Lupus fucks his way through the horny juicy ass jungle. And because he finds the rear–end sight so horny, Lupus thoroughly whacks his fuck piston deep in to the shit column. There remains nothings else for Jason other than… with pleasure….. Bilingual!
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