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Cast: Damien Nichols, Drake Raw
Genres: bareback, anal, oral
Damien Nichols is a little nervous to be on set for his first scene with a partner, but we’re going easy on him and letting him top first! Drake Tyler’s in the studio with Damien and is eager to show this newbie how it’s done, making out and then taking Damien’s cock in his mouth and sucking that sweet dick. Drake gets Damien hard with that expert tongue and then demands some oral in return, which Damien gives him, slowly getting a feel for Drake’s big prick in his mouth.
When Drake’s hard and ready to get pounded, he offers his ass up to Damien who shoves his bareback cock inside and fucks Drake hard, loving that tight hole around his pulsing dick! Drake rides Damien’s dick next, bouncing up and down on that hard dick as Damien sits back and watches Drake grind on him. They try one last position, Drake on his back with Damien’s cock buried in that sore ass, pounding him raw until Drake shoots his load and Damien pulls out and finishes with an amazing cumshot, covering Drake in hot jizz!
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